9 Women - A Series of Nine Portraits, Created Entirely from 'Trash'

Highlighting womankind, recycling and the number 9. I refer to these artworks as papiermache-mosaics, which refers to how they are made, as well as the repetitive manner in which they are decorated.

My choice of women as the central theme, stems from my interest in the adaptability of womankind. In my opinion, unequalled in their creativity, multi-faceted and possessing an inherent chameleon-like diversity.

Why 9? The number 9 has magical, meditative and religious qualiitie and is seen as a symbol of harmony, inspiration and perfection. In many cultures it is considered sacred, with a reference to eternity.

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Angel - Beautiful, Empathetic
Beatrice - Adaptable, Versatile
Candice - Crazy, Loving
Lulu - Creative, Role-model
Hannah - Nurturer, Supporter
Medusa - Formidable, Wild
Cleo - Diverse, Multi-tasker

Scarlet - Colourful, Stylish
Josephine - Advernturous, Funny
9 Women were exhibited at: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands 01/05/11 - 31/07/11
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